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What is a Writing Domme?

The title “Writing Domme” has a certain energy and intensity about it but I want to be clear that my coaching style isn’t about muscling through, forcing you to write for hours on end, or to write a certain way. Go ahead and put on your hair shirt or kneel on grains of rice if you want, but that’s not part of my coaching practice.

What my coaching does have in common with erotic domination is that it’s an intentional ritual grounded in clear communication, open-mindedness, and the potential for cathartic, transformational change. Like power exchange, good coaching isn’t afraid of the deep dive or unconventional methods.

I am open to working with writers of all stripes, at any stage in their writing journey. As writing domme my intention is to demystify the writing process, provide individualized support for writers who are struggling to meet their goals, and help writers figure out sustainable writing rituals and processes that work for their needs and circumstances. Few of us actually have our dream writing setup - whether that’s bottomless coffee and cigarettes at a cafe in Paris, or journaling in a hand-bound notebook in the middle of the forrest, or simply a quiet half hour at home with no screaming kids. Through coaching, workshops, seminars and virtual co-working spaces I aim to help my fellow writers examine their needs, desires and methods and dig deep to find the rituals and practices that will enable them to work consistently, productively and with as much ease and joy as possible.

The Writing Domme can help you with:

creating a system that works

writing in community


Writing rituals

protecting your writing time and space

completing projects